What Can We Count On?

The sun, the moon, the stars? 

I had a fascinating conversation with a new friend, who has recently been introduced to the Principles understanding. Over lunch, Janice shared with me that she knew she could always count on the sun, moon, and stars to always be present. I thought this an interesting statement and was still for a moment as I absorbed her words.

“What about counting on your true nature?” I asked.

Now it was her turn to pause. “I’d never thought of my true nature as something to count on. My true nature is not something I can put my finger on.”

“Well you can’t put your finger on the sun, moon, or stars either.”

“No, that’s true. But you can see them at certain times. You can’t see your true nature.” She looked at me with a gentle grin of triumph. “Got you,” she said.

“There is evidence of our true nature, Janice. It’s a matter of learning to “see” the evidence. Every time we have a change of heart, a shift in our level of consciousness, our true nature is visible.  Perhaps not in the same way as the sun, moon, and stars; yet the change in our attitude and behaviors as we begin to live more from our wisdom, which is our true nature, certainly manifests visibly.”

“Hmm, yes, I suppose you’ve got a point, Elsie. I hadn’t thought of it that way before. A change in behavior doesn’t seem as solid as the sun; yet I’ve observed in my own life, as I’ve begun to learn about the Principles, that my behavior has changed. And it actually feels pretty solid! I know the change is real.

“My relationships with my family have been enhanced, and my relationship with myself has changed. I used to be anxious about being on my own.  Now that I think about it, I see that has changed as well. I just didn’t fully realize it until now. I’m not as worried about not having a partner. I’m more comfortable on my own. I’m finding more joy on my own. I never anticipated this, as I’ve always had someone in my life, someone to share the ups and downs with. Much as I’d still love to have a partner in my life, it doesn’t feel as vital as it used to. If I find someone, great; if not, I’m finding contentment in myself, my family, my walks on the beach, listening to the waves, loving the feel of the sand on feet. It’s all good.”

“Janice, you’ve really touched my heart with what you’ve shared. You’re “seeing” so much more than you thought you were. You’ve been experiencing the power and wisdom of your true nature without realizing it, until now. That’s the magic of these Three Principles. You don’t have to understand them in order to benefit. They’re working within us, whether we know it or not. Your openness to learning has allowed your wisdom to unfold and has begun to transform your life. That change is evidence of your true nature. Now you know you can count on it guiding you.”

“Thank you for asking me that question, Elsie,” ‘What about counting on your true nature’. It’s opened my mind and my heart to something very precious that I didn’t realize before.”

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