Three Steps to Deepen our Understanding: Part Two

Sometimes insights are so subtle that people don’t realize the power contained in the information because of the subtlety. Even when they share it with someone, they still may not realize the full impact they have experienced. For example, realizing they have a choice whether to engage in negativity or to see it with understanding. Even when they come from understanding, they still may not get how powerful and transformative the change in their behavior is. It’s like their intellect hasn’t caught up with the difference in their internal workings.

I love pointing this out to my clients. I can see their thinking slow down and they get more reflective; then the penny drops and they begin to see. The insight becomes clear and obvious.

Step Two: Share your insights.

Sharing your insights takes you back inside to your wisdom, where deep feeling and more insights are waiting to be released. Sharing your insights brings the feeling of connection accompanied by deeper learning, for you and for those with whom you are sharing.

It’s important and very helpful to know that people will ‘feel’ you more than your words. When you share from the feeling of insight, the feeling released has the power to awaken others. This is the gift of ‘feeling’ in service – the deep feeling takes you beyond self-consciousness or uncertainty to knowing, even when you may not know what to say. It’s a beautiful dichotomy that we can ‘know’ the truth of an insight and yet be in the ‘unknown’ in terms of how to share.

In this regard, a deep feeling of well-being is the foundation of connecting to others. It is primary—that deep feeling is an expression of our true nature which has the power to awaken those we come in contact with. Deep feeling is the educator. The more we trust this when we’re sharing, the more readily words will effortlessly come to mind and we will often be surprised at what we say.

When we share it’s not necessarily about sharing or defining the Three Principles. That will come out when it’s meant to. When Sydney Banks, the man who uncovered the Principles, first shared his Enlightment experience, one of the first things he shared with Ken and I was that he now knew what God is—Mind. He talked about how insecurity is simply Thought being used innocently against ourselves, and he pointed to and identified Consciousness as soul.

Syd didn’t talk about Three Principles until after the first psychologists came along to study with him. They pointed out that what he had uncovered were foundational Principles. This was a new term for Syd. Prior to that, he called Mind, Consciousness, and Thought “spiritual facts”.

Because the Principles are formless energy, it really is difficult to explain them. It’s more about the ‘feeling’ that there is something deeper within. That deep feeling is what brings the Principles to life and helps us comprehend and be able to articulate our understanding with more clarity and depth.

Having said that, I am enclosing Syd’s words as he describes the Principles:

“Mind is the spiritual energy of all things, whether in form or formless.

Consciousness is the gift of awareness. Consciousness allows the recognition of form, form being the expression of Thought.

Thought is the missing link that gives us the power to recognize the illusionary separation between the spiritual world and the world of form.”

He went on to say: “The wisdom humanity seeks lies within the consciousness of all human beings, trapped and held prisoner by their own personal minds.”

6 thoughts on “Three Steps to Deepen our Understanding: Part Two

  1. What a lovely gift your blog is. In less than 2 months I will be with you at the School, so very excited.

    My first insight was a few years ago and I do share the story of it when the time feels right. The person listening either “gets it” and laughs, or they don’t and waits for me to continue. (Then I laugh!) It doesn’t matter. The principles for me are the Ultimate Punch Line to a very affectionate joke. We have had everything we needed all along but couldn’t find it until we stopped looking. So grateful for the clunk of that first penny drop. See you soon.

    1. Thank you, Bobbie, for sharing your experience of your first insight. Love this! Looking forward to seeing you on Salt Spring.

  2. Thank you for sharing these ‘early words’ describing the 3 Principles, or 3 spiritual facts, Elsie. Much appreciated.

    And I love how you talk about “gift of ‘feeling’ in service” – lovely 🙂


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