Three Steps to Deepen our Understanding: Part Three

Society tends to look at achievement as a measure of success. In our exploration of the Three Principles, we often continue that same tendency; to look for more—more understanding, more well-being, more peace, more, more, more. It’s our human nature. This is the game of life or as Sydney Banks often remarked, “life is a contact sport”.

Our human nature is always looking for ‘more’ while our spiritual nature is advising us to be grateful for what we have. How do we resolve this dilemma?

Once again, the answer is simple.

Step Three: Be grateful for what you have learned rather than wishing for more. This speaks to being in the moment, present in our reality, whatever it is. If we’re having a wonderful experience, there is an underlying feeling of appreciation just waiting to be recognized. If our experience is not so wonderful, we can still feel grateful we’re “seeing” it and that we have a degree of understanding that our experience is coming from our own thinking. The understanding lessens the grip experience has on us; understanding gives us perspective. That’s something to be grateful for.

Before I had any of who and what I am on the inside, a spiritual human being with the power to think and create, I was totally a victim of my own attitude toward life. I had no idea that my experience had anything to do with me or with the thinking I had that created my perspective. When I had a spontaneous insight that my thoughts created my experiences, it was a transformative moment and completely changed the course of my life. That’s something to be grateful for.

As time went on after my first ‘aha moment’ in the early days of my learning, my understanding seemed to vanish into thin air; I felt lost and at sea. In a way it was worse than before, because I had experienced such peace of mind and now it appeared to have disappeared. What’s up with that? Definitely not feeling grateful for that presumed loss. . .

Syd happened to come over for a visit and saw my glum face. Much to my consternation, he didn’t pay any attention to my moody demeanor. . . instead he began to tell me the latest news about how the Principles were spreading throughout the United States. He spoke in glowing terms about some of the psychologists who were having great results with their clients and how more research to explore the efficacy of the Principles paradigm was happening on a national level.

It’s rather embarrassing to say that I got even gloomier. This news, although offering tremendous hope to the world, wasn’t about me and how lost I was feeling. Syd’s eyes twinkled as he continued his story and then offered to take me for lunch.

Over lunch, I simply forgot about my troubles and my lost peacefulness re-emerged. I realized how blessed I was to be in the presence of and having a conversation with this Enlightened man. I also realized that although I was stirred by Syd’s wisdom, it was my own insights that brought a fresh perspective to my life. My soul danced with joy! Once again, I felt tethered to ‘home’. I realized more deeply that I am ‘home’ all the time and that when I feel lost, I’m still at ‘home’. I’m still nestled in my true nature—safe, sound, and grateful.

I’m grateful to know that even when I’m out to lunch, figuratively speaking, at least I know that and it does give me comfort. I’m not mentally wandering around aimlessly looking for what I already have within me, just as all humanity has within them. That’s something to be forever grateful for, no matter what. What are you grateful for?

In summary, the three steps to deepen our understanding are: acknowledge our wisdom, share our insights, and be grateful for what we’ve found. These simple steps will ensure that we’ll never stop our infinite journey of learning who and what we are at our spiritual core.

4 thoughts on “Three Steps to Deepen our Understanding: Part Three

    1. Thank you, Charlie, for your kind comments. I’m still learning as well; a life-long student! Keeps us vital and adds a touch of humility for flavor. . . All the best to you, Charlie. Elsie

  1. Hi Elsie, what a blessing to find your beautiful message this morning.
    I was having the same thoughts this morning that you have written about. Mainly about my insight moments not just my first ‘aha’ moment but how I lose the insights and my understanding seems to just disappear. Feeling lost and confused.
    And to top it all I was looking at fb and was getting jealous of people who were really getting it, progressing into coaching courses etc.
    Then I read this and honestly felt jealous again and cried. And then I realised and felt my wisdom hold me and comfort me, letting me know who I am and how my true nature is me.
    Many thanks Elsie you are such a dear soul and you have touched my heart since meeting you in Devon and at the Conference.much love Pat xxxx

    1. Pat, I really appreciate your honesty. That honesty is a reflection of your true nature. So it’s beautiful that you felt your wisdom ‘hold and comfort you’. Love that!

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