The Simplicity of the ‘Oneness’ and Grounding

Often times, clients will ask me about the Oneness, telling me they find this topic confusing. Me too! When I try and figure it out intellectually, I find it very confusing. Then I’m reminded of Syd telling me years ago, “Don’t listen to my words. Listen to the feeling!”

The best I can offer is that to me the Oneness is a deep feeling of connection, of harmony, of form and formless being One; the essence from which life and all the physical world is formed.

I have a sense of the Oneness of our human and our spiritual nature, of soul connection with humanity. I have love and deep respect for nature and all of God’s creatures.

What underlies the ‘sense’ of connection is ‘deep feeling’.

In a conversation with a mentee, who has become a dear friend, we explored this very topic. I shared with her what I’ve written above.

Carol (made up name), who is a social service provider, related that she’d been learning about the Oneness, taught by another Principles facilitator. She explained that she didn’t quite ‘get it’. I continued to listen. She then shared a story about a phone call she’d had at work with a client. A colleague observed this call and later remarked to Carol, “You really were full on with that client.”

Carol hadn’t been aware that her colleague was paying attention. She replied to her co-worker, “I felt a deep compassion for this man who was really struggling with certain health issues. A strong connection developed between us and in that connection, I found ways to assist him with his needs. He calmed down as we talked. It was helpful to him and to me.”

She paused after she related this to me. “Oh,” she said, her eyes lighting up. “Is this the Oneness? Connection?”

“That’s what I see,” I responded. “Oneness is soul to soul connection, our true nature listening and speaking to one another. Sometimes I feel that we look to philosophical answers and tend to dismiss the practicality and common sense of the Oneness, the connection that you experienced in this work related phone conversation.”

Carol was quiet for a moment, and then slowly spoke, “It never occurred to me that Oneness could be simple; I always thought insight came with a big bang. The insights I’ve had have been quiet and didn’t seem like a big deal. Now I’m wondering if I’ve been missing out by not realizing this.”

“You see it now; that’s what counts, Carol.”

“I feel my grounding is not strong. When someone asks me about the change in me, or as my colleague mentioned her observation of my ‘full on’ engagement with client, it was just natural to me. I didn’t think anything of it. I felt the feeling of love and caring for this individual on the phone but it wasn’t a big deal.

“When they ask me why I’ve changed and how I work with less stress now, I can say a bit, but then I run out of words. I don’t know what else to say, so I say nothing.”

“That’s wisdom, Carol. That’s what I see in you; your grounding is deeper than you realize. By sharing what you know and being quiet when you don’t know what to say is a healthy position. Syd always advised us to just share what we know. Don’t try and say more than you know.

“Sharing what you know is accompanied by a deep feeling. It’s the feeling that will touch the true nature of the other person. When you share from the intellect, it has a different quality of feeling, and chances are you won’t have the same quality of engagement with another.”

Once again, Carol was silent as she reflected on my words.

“I thought my grounding wasn’t good because I compared it to my ability to articulate my understanding. When I got stuck in sharing my understanding, I doubted myself and doubted that I knew very much about the Principles.

“Yet you’re saying my grounding is strong because I just share what I know, is that right?”

“Absolutely, Carol; grounding is about the quality of the feeling you’re coming from rather than your ability to articulate the words. When you experience the feeling of Oneness, form and formless in harmonious accord, how much more can one be ‘grounded’?”

“You always look for the positive, Elsie.”

“I look for what is, not for what isn’t. This is Truth in motion.”

We lingered in the quiet space for a few moments, content in the feeling of our alignment, of our connection. Nothing more needed to be said, only felt.

13 thoughts on “The Simplicity of the ‘Oneness’ and Grounding

  1. Elsie this is a wonderful clear perspective on the “ordinariness” of experiencing grounding. The feeling is natural, fully connected, shared and valued greatly. The result is the simplicity of grounding. I am happy to have your words to add to the customary discussion I have with my University students. We begin a new class next week and I will miss the School. Best wishes to you and all.

  2. Hi Elsie. Beautiful, straightforward explanation of who we are and how to share it. It’s so simple, so ordinary! And yet the human ego is always looking for bigger & better, complex & intellectual explanations, few to none of which bring us any closer to our True Self, our One Being.
    Thanks, Elsie! See you in a couple of days.

  3. Beautiful Elsie – I so appreciate your clarity. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to be with all of you at the School this time around. I felt as though I was with you in spirit though, as I hiked in the magnificent Olympic National Park.

  4. Thank you, Elsie. What a beautiful reminder that the power is in the feeling of connection. Words often fail me and it’s reassuring knowing that the big picture is beyond articulation. We’re looking forward to our island time soon.

    1. I’m so pleased you found this blog helpful, Marika. It’s so important for people to realize the simplicity of grounding in the Oneness via the feeling. See you soon.

  5. Oh Elsie I love this post!
    “Oneness is soul to soul connection, our true nature listening and speaking to one another. Sometimes I feel that we look to philosophical answers and tend to dismiss the practicality and common sense of the Oneness”
    Yes that’s what I’m seeing more and more, what a beautiful realization that it truly is simple and practical, yet at the same time profound and gorgeous. Thank you so much <3

  6. Me encanto Elsie, gracias infinitas por tu compartir, me da muchísima claridad, tranquilidad, me reafirma ese sentimiento de certeza que cada día lo siento más fuerte que la vida es simple, sencilla, es vivirla con amor, gratitud. Un fuerte abrazo

    1. This is the translation of comments: I love Elsie, infinite thanks for your sharing, it gives me a lot of clarity, tranquility, I reaffirm that feeling of certainty that every day I feel stronger that life is simple, simple, is to live with love, gratitude. A hug.

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