The Power of Insight

During a fascinating and insightful conversation with a client, the power of insight took on a fresh and deeper meaning for me.

My client, let’s call her Penelope, related some profound insights she’d had as a writer; how her writing was inspired and driven by insight, and how the writing seemed effortless when inspired. I understand exactly what she means, as I experience the same in my writing. Like Penelope, when I’m moved by insight, my writing seems to write itself. I love the freedom and the feeling of this experience, and I’m very grateful for this gift.

Penelope went on to say that although she experienced the flow of inspiration in writing, her mind was cluttered with thoughts of failure in other areas of her life; her financial situation was precarious, her relationship with her partner was stressed, and a variety of other personal dilemmas was taking place.

“Why is my world in such turmoil? I thought once I learned about the Principles, I’d have less stress and my life would straighten out. Yet here I go again down that same path of not knowing where my next paycheck is coming from. My partner tells me not to worry but how can I not worry when we can’t make the mortgage payment this month. I don’t understand why this keeps happening to me,” Penelope lamented.

As I listened to her, my heart was touched by her feeling of futility and it occurred to me that she wasn’t seeing the connection between having an insight in one part of her life, and how that insight will then overlap all aspects of life. If you experience insight in one area, the exact same power of Mind is available to guide you in all areas of life.

Insight was occurring to her during her writing and she told me that she realized she was being inspired from Mind. Yet Penelope couldn’t make the transition throughout other areas of her life. Penelope was more focused on what was missing than what she already had—the inspiration she was experiencing in her writing.

What prevents this insightful power from manifesting? The short and sweet answer is that our personal thinking gets in the way, coupled with a lack of gratitude. Interestingly, our personal thinking is coming from the same infinite power; it’s just that we are using it against ourselves instead of for our benefit.

During our conversation, Penelope continued to voice her concern about the parts of her life that weren’t working. She continued to say, “I know, I know,” when I would point to the insights she’d shared with me.

My mind was still for a moment or two. “If you hold these spiritual gifts close to your heart and are grateful for what you’ve learned rather than what you desire to learn, this position of having an open mind will go a long way to help you move forward in your learning.”

Once again Penelope said, “I know.” This was one too many times. “You don’t know!” I said firmly. “If you knew, your life wouldn’t be as you describe it. You wouldn’t be stressed out as you are now. Stop and listen for a moment.” There was a lengthy pause. I let the pause continue as I knew that finally she was listening.

“Okay, I’m with you.” A different tone of voice accompanied Penelope’s words, and I knew she had touched home base and was ready to learn. In that moment, it occurred to me to stop our session right there; to let her bathe in her own wisdom. I recommended this to her adding that we would continue our conversation in a week or so. She readily agreed, and again I heard quietness in her voice that hadn’t been there before.

Another thing Penelope was concerned about was that her insights lasted only a moment or two; therefore she thought it was a momentary understanding. Penelope didn’t realize that insight brings about lasting change, even though she was experiencing that change in her writing. Because she wasn’t feeling that shift in other parts of her life, she felt the insights were temporary. Penelope wasn’t connecting the dots, which often happens. We don’t always see the change in ourselves until someone else points it out.

An insightful moment is to be cherished, no matter that it is just a moment or two. It’s like an eternity, in spiritual time. Let’s not forget the fact that Sydney Banks’ epiphany lasted three or four seconds, and changed not only his world but provided a new paradigm of understanding for the field of mental health, and for the world at large, for generations to come.

Shifting our orientation toward what is working rather than what isn’t working in our life is the best way to connect the dots in our life. It’s that simple! Remember, we are creating our reality via our thoughts. So when we are consistently focusing on what is wrong, that is what shows up for us. When we shift our orientation (thoughts) to what is right, that is what shows up for us.

I know this to be true, as that is what happened to me. If you looked in the dictionary years ago, for a definition of ‘despair’ you would have seen my photo, with a forlorn looking face, sad eyes, no energy. I was filled with despair and distress, feeling life was over for me, before it had really begun. Innocently using this profound, transcendent power of Mind, Consciousness, and Thought against myself.

“Is this all there is?” was my constant refrain. Is it any wonder, given that we have the power to create our own experience, that my reality showed up as ‘yes, that’s all there is!’

My turning point was the insight that ‘thought creates feeling’. That insight came in a split second of clarity during the lowest point of my life. I’ve never returned to despair since that moment. Certainly I’ve had low times in my life when I felt sorry for myself, felt that’d I’d lost my way. But underlying those thoughts was this little light of ‘knowing’ that I’m more than my thinking. I’m the creator of my reality.

Moving from the form of thinking to the power of creation is beyond description. Suffice to say that it starts with a shift in orientation; in other words, with insight, which provides understanding of who and what we really are. Knowing that Mind, Consciousness, and Thought are active in each and every insight, with no exception, is one of the most powerful truths we can learn. We are the Principles in action. When we honor that spiritual fact, our lives transform and we live in grace.

4 thoughts on “The Power of Insight

  1. Dear Elsie,
    It’s been a while since we skyped following Edinburgh and your blog turned up. What came up for me was how Penelope said other aspects of her life were not doing as well. It occurred to me that there are no aspects to life except the moment you are currently in. I look back fondly and with a smile about fears for the future in certain aspects of my life and realize how real life looks in each level of consciousness,when I”knew” what you were pointing to. Thanks you, Love Phil. X

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