The Fable of New Shoes

It’s fascinating to know that true knowledge can be shared in an infinite variety of ways. There are no rules regulating how we are moved by wisdom to share true knowledge. A story that may appear frivolous or seem to lack relevance can turn out to be a most meaningful nudge in the direction of our spiritual birthplace, our very essence within.

I received an intriguing email from Ellie, a woman who had attended one of my talks. Our email exchange elicited fresh thought for both of us and I felt it would be helpful for others.

I asked her permission to share our online conversation. I’ve changed her name to protect her privacy. She was very generous and graceful in agreeing. Thank you, Ellie!

Ellie read an insight that I shared on FB. The post stirred her soul. This is the insight I shared: 

If we’re waiting for someone to help us find peace of mind, we’re giving away our spiritual power. Only we can find peace of mind within, regardless of our circumstance.

This is what Ellie shared with me:

Ellie:  I see people loving your post, sharing it, and thanking you for it. I don’t understand it. I wish I did. I spent many years around the principles, reading books, going to courses and lectures, watching videos, having coaching and yet I couldn’t find my peace of mind there.

In fact, all I managed to feel was worse. Much worse. In the end I had to walk away from all that. The only reason I follow you still is because I once came to a lecture you gave where you talked mostly about your new shoes.

The whole audience was in a state of bliss. For a fortnight afterwards, I felt like I was walking on air. In fact, the very next day, my head was so peaceful that it worried me. I called my husband to make sure I was still alive! I went for a walk and felt weightless. I was wonderful. And all because you talked about shoes.

I lost those feelings after a few weeks but it was wonderful while it lasted. Since then, and for most of my adult life, I’ve struggled. Really struggled with anxiety and depression. I’m chasing those peaceful feelings because I want them back, but I can’t find them.

Does your post mean that looking to other people for help is the wrong thing to do? I’m really confused about what I should or shouldn’t be doing.

And how does a talk about shopping and shoes make us all feel so good?

Sorry to ramble on. I don’t even know if you will read this, and I don’t want to take up your valuable time, but if you have just a few words of advice I’d so dearly love to read them. I just know you’re on to something and I wish I could cotton on too.

Much love to you, Ellie.

Elsie:  Dear Ellie, your comments touched my heart and also made me chuckle. Indeed, how can talking about new shoes prompt such deep feelings from you and the audience.

This is what I see. It’s a spiritual world, made up of formless energy, the very essence of life. That essence is within us all. It is loving, joyful, and wise. That essence is what people resonated with, because that’s where I was coming from. We’re all the same essence. When we’re in the presence of joy, our natural innate joy responds in like manner. When we’re coming from wellbeing, this deep feeling has the power to draw out wellbeing from others. This deep feeling is an expression of our true nature and is beautifully infectious. This is why it doesn’t really matter what we share; it’s the feeling behind the words that capture people’s attention and response.

That’s not to say that we would always talk about shopping and new shoes. It’s trusting that wisdom will guide us in the most appropriate manner when we’re called to share true knowledge.

I’ve heard Sydney Banks share delightful jokes during his conferences in the midst of his profound lectures. He had a terrific sense of humor and often referred to ‘cosmic humor’ as a spiritual gift. He loved seeing the blend of profundity and cosmic humor. He loved seeing joy being released in the people he spoke with. He told us this was part of our spiritual makeup.

Ellie, when I spoke about shopping and new shoes, I never for a moment planned to share that story. It just came out of me in the moment, and I saw how much people were enjoying the feeling. That told me the story was perfect. I love the simplicity of trusting wisdom, letting our true nature guide us. No stress, no planning or ‘how to’s are required. The ‘how to’s’ will manifest in the moment.

Again, let me say that if your style of sharing is to prepare your talk, that’s perfect for you. Follow and honor your voice, your divine wisdom. That’s our spiritual purpose: to release our divinity to manifest within our physical being, and with all those we come in contact with.

To further clarify my FB post, there’s nothing wrong with getting help to find your way back home. What I mean by not giving our spiritual power away, is that in the end, ‘home’ is within us. For example, if we get help, it is still up to us to ‘hear’ truth. Nobody can give us truth. We must open the door to true knowledge, to our true Self.

Ellie, the fact that you felt blissful and so peaceful while you were hearing me talk about new shoes proves that deep feeling was coming from you. Don’t chase it, Ellie. You already have that peace inside you. Slow down. Just live your life. Stop trying so hard to figure it out. Listen to Syd’s tapes. You can go to and his videos are available for free.

My dear Ellie, thank you for sharing your story with me. You are a lovely soul.

With love, Elsie

Ellie:  Bless you, Elsie; thank you for your kind words and your precious time. I felt silly after sending you that garbled message but I appreciate your explanation. It made sense.

I will go and visit with Syd again and see what I might hear. You are a lovely lady. Thank you.

P.S. Your shoes really were very splendid!

Lots of love, Ellie

8 thoughts on “The Fable of New Shoes

  1. Nuevamente gracias, gracias Elsie, a sido hermoso, profundo, conmovedor, mi agradecimiento y alegría haber leído todo lo de tu blog, fue una gran ayuda, guía, claridad. En este momento me siento feliz. Es maravilloso ver la simplicidad de los Principios, nos llevan a vivir la vida de una manera simple, sencilla, con amor, paz, quietud… infinitas gracias por ser un faro de luz para muchos. Mil bendiciones!!

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