Spiritual Marketing

First of all, let me say that when I use the word ‘spiritual’ and connect it to ‘marketing’ I mean no disrespect to the spiritual nature of life, of humanity, or the spiritual nature of the Three Principles. My intent is not to make ‘spiritual’ a product.

I write this to share the power, profundity and practicality of the richness of our true nature expressing itself via a deep feeling, and in doing so, awakens others to their own inner power or essence. It is in this awakening that practical solutions occur, driven by insight.

So often I get calls from new practitioners who are concerned about how to start a business with the Three Principles as the foundation. They question their ability to articulate the Principles, thinking it’s their words that will help their clients and bring in business. They share their anxiety while at the same time telling me that they see it’s their thinking that is getting in the way of moving forward with ease and confidence.

I love hearing them say “I see”. As soon as I hear that phrase I know they’re ‘home’ and they don’t realize it. There is innocence in their lack of consciousness. However, their being ‘home’ makes my job as a mentor easy. I just feel their essence and point to their connection with that feeling.

Its cosmic irony that they are using the Principle of Consciousness but don’t know it. Consciousness is the gift that never stops giving. Even when we don’t see it, it’s there stirring us, provoking new thought. And of course, Mind is at work in this situation as is Thought. Mind is providing the light to ‘see’, and Thought is expressing the information.

The rich feeling of recognition that we are the Principles in action is the feeling and clarity that leads to healthy relationships and deep connection with others. It is the feeling of connection that attracts people and business. It’s the feeling that conveys more than the words. It’s the feeling that opens the door to opportunities from ‘out of the blue’. This is where the magic happens. This is where doing without doing is manifest with grace, simplicity, and ease.

It’s so reassuring to know that we have what we need in the palm of our hand and in the core of our inner being. “Once you have a glimmer of the Principles, just live and enjoy your life,” Syd Banks often said, “and you’ll be taken care of.”

I used to think that was too good to be true. Now I see that’s our default setting. Why wouldn’t we honor the simplicity and truth of his message by doing exactly that? Just live!

16 thoughts on “Spiritual Marketing

  1. I just listened to a webinar in which you reference this post so I had to track it down. Beautifully written. Such a simple message of love. Oh what a feeling.

    1. Thanks so much, Patty, for your heartwarming comments and for the feeling accompanying your comments! Love this!

  2. I been battling anxiety and panic attacks for about 10 years, I’m starting to get some understanding from listening to you and Dr bill about life. Im seeing my life in a new way, it’s hope where I was feeling hopeless. I’m still struggling with my condition but thru these teachings, I know I’m gonna overcome. It’s like I keep getting glimpses of light. And my heart goes out to people who struggle like I do and someday I want to help others overcome. My struggles have been caught up mostly in feelings and emotions, it’s been hard to get still and clear my mind. Thank you so much for sharing and doing what you do. God bless

    1. Dear Kevin, thanks so much for sharing your story and your wisdom. You have great courage and what you’ve shared here will inspire many, as it did me. With your new found hope and faith, I know you will continue to grow in wisdom and your life will blossom. Bless your heart. Elsie

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