Respect Wisdom

Humanity is blessed to be imbued with a spiritual essence that fills one with the feeling of love and understanding, as well as offering practical guidance for our everyday life. There is nothing more powerful or succinct than wisdom. Another way of saying this:  our true nature is the epitome of clarity and compassion.

We slip into this rich feeling from time to time in a natural way; unsought and unexpected yet unmistakable as a profound feeling beyond our intellect. Sometimes this deep feeling seems to evaporate as the mist disappears before the sun. The warmth of the sun reminds us of that feeling beyond words.

Deep feeling is the connection; the bridge between the form and the formless nature of life. It’s a fascinating journey to observe this connection until we get caught up in the form and outcome of wisdom rather than what wisdom is—spiritual essence comprised of these three gifts:  Mind, Consciousness, and Thought.

When we respect what wisdom is rather than what wisdom does, our lives are transformed. We become so tuned into our wisdom that everyday challenges are met with grace and ease (mostly). And when we do get caught up in our unhealthy thinking, there’s more a feeling of being the observer rather than the victim. Being the observer neutralizes and defuses the tension.

This feeling of tension is helpful in that it alerts us that we’re moving too far from home and advises us to turn around and see who we are. This is how we learn; the interplay between our human nature and our spiritual nature. It’s spiritual education, from the inside-out.

2 thoughts on “Respect Wisdom

  1. That is very beautiful but the definition of is wisdom is acumilation and application of knowledge. This leads to making good decisions and has nothing to do with compassion. You are right that compassion comes from the soul. Men and women have an infinite amount of freedom to have compassion and should freely share what they have to those who are in need.
    Our constitution declaires this a God given right.

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, To clarify my using the word ‘wisdom’, I mean spiritual or Universal wisdom, beyond the intellect. Traditionally, wisdom is thought of as accumulation and application of knowledge. However, not everyone uses or applies their accumulated knowledge and keep making poor decisions. Universal wisdom is gained by insight and sticks with you for life. You can count on insight. You can’t always count on ‘the accumulation of knowledge’.

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