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We are, indeed, a vessel for the spiritual essence

From my latest book “The Path to Contentment”.
Video: Bonnie Jarvis

Two-day retreat in Tønsberg, Norway in 2019

I´m excited to announce a two-day retreat in Tønsberg, Norway in June next year. We have called the event “Mentored by Mind”. For tickets and more information please click here.

New online course starting in 2019 – FULL

Thank you for your interest in Elsie´s online course. We are overwhelmed by the response and all the applications we received in only 24 hours. The application process is now closed.

Here is a video where I talk about what you will discover in my 5 month online course called “Discover Your True Nature”.

New book

Elsie’s new book, The Path to Contentment, is now available, in print and eBook, click here

Please feel free to share this document “Sharing the Principles” with other practitioners who may find it helpful

There has been a groundswell of interest in sharing this work so Elsie Spittle and George Pransky decided to write a paper that represents a collection of firsthand learnings from their original teacher, Sydney Banks. They collaborated with many of their colleagues who have been learning alongside them in hopes that their collective knowledge might help the people who are interested in using this understanding to better the world.

 “Hope over Fear” A preview of the ease and gentleness of speakers gathering from all around the world to share their understanding of how life really works. They discussed the potential for humanity of an understanding known as the The Three Principles with guests at the Scottish Parliament on May 26th 2015 whilst honouring the legacy and message of Mr Syd Banks who was born in Edinburgh.