In the Boxing Ring with Personal Thinking

There’s nothing like a bout with one’s personal thinking to bring about a fresh appreciation for the power of thought. Especially when life has been feeling blissful. Then a situation occurs where before we know it, we get gripped by our imagination gone awry, and start flailing at our opponent in the ring of our thoughts. When we’re gripped this tightly, we may not realize our opponent is none other than ourselves!

It’s not an experience I relish; it’s an experience that tempers and humbles and makes one stronger, in the sense of seeing there is always more to learn, and that sometimes the learning isn’t gentle.

Feeling judgment of another is rooted in expectation and ego, and when that individual doesn’t respond in the way we expect, disappointment and upset charge into the ring with determination that whoever we’re upset with are in the wrong and we are right!

Oh my, what a battle. No one is the winner. Its not until we are weary of the negative feelings that some balance comes back into our reality and we regain our footing. Our spinning world slows, and peace enters, soothing the intellectual so understanding seeps through.

Once again wisdom reigns. The path is clear. Nothing is accomplished through judgement and blame. What is helpful is knowing that we don’t want to learn in that harsh manner. It’s unnecessary, yet it served its purpose. Realizing we don’t want that unhealthy feeling lifts the rope barrier around the self imposed ring. Freedom!

Feelings of relief, gratitude, and appreciation that we don’t live in the web of judgment all the time, perhaps like we used to. A brief interlude with negativity showcases the harmony of living in wisdom.

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