I trust Wisdom “but”. . .

I love when a client asks a question that concerns them and in responding to their query, without knowing the answer prior to my reply, the words slips out in a way that helps me and my client ‘see’ more. When the recipient is touched by the truth of the response, it’s a win-win situation. I love the mutually beneficial learning!

A young man, Eli, reached out to me with this question: “I am encountering some confusion over what is meant for one to ‘follow their wisdom’. I have been involved with the Three Principles understanding for just over two years now and have seen incredible and beautiful transformations in myself and others. The work carried out by yourself and others in the community fills me with so much hope and love I couldn’t help but start this message off by expressing my gratitude for this understanding.

“As a Three Principles practitioner I am currently working with others in the community to share and deepen my understanding, and am enrolled in a training to assist me in my journey. I see that we all have access to our innate wellbeing and wisdom when the thinking mind quiets, and that in those moments we can be ‘guided’; however the message I am hearing from some is that ‘following wisdom is useful but it doesn’t hurt to have a plan’. To me this comes across as ‘it’s ok to follow your wisdom, but. . .

“My question is – as one looks further and further in the direction of the quiet space where wisdom resides, are we not effectively surrendering to wisdom to allow us to be carried? I feel as if the message being shared could be holding us back from falling deeper and deeper into the space within.”

This is my response: “I’m touched by your wisdom, Eli. You see clearly that wisdom is our birthright so of course it makes sense to listen to our wisdom.

“In response to your question about trusting wisdom, yet hearing some say ‘but it doesn’t hurt to have a plan’, I know what you mean. It’s a slippery slope. On one hand, our spiritual nature/wisdom is the ‘master’. What I’ve experienced is the more I trust that internal wisdom fully, the more it guides me. Opportunities seem to appear out of the blue, and things just fall into place. I love seeing the plan Universal Mind has for us to evolve and unfold in a way that is unique to each individual.

“Having said that, I have, at times, made a plan from my intellect. Sometimes it works; other times Universal Mind has other plans. For me, this is life’s assignment to ‘see’ what we see; to listen to our wisdom more fully and see how the intellect and wisdom can work together in harmony. In other words, on the job training. . .

“I call the learning that occurs when this happens, ‘continuing education’. The intellect comes from Universal Mind and takes shape in human form. That’s the game of life; formless/form. Universal Mind/little mind. Both are the same Mind used in 2 different ways; wisdom and personal thinking. Different sides of the same coin.

“The beauty of this partnership, as I see it, is that Mind/wisdom is the master and personal intellect is in service to wisdom. When we listen to our wisdom, our intellectual potential is enhanced and works to our benefit. This is the space inside, our spiritual inheritance, the wisdom that we slip into which guides us.

“When we don’t listen to wisdom, we may have to wander around a bit to find our way back ‘home’. What’s reassuring during this journey is that we’re always at ‘home’, even when we may lose our way from time to time.

“I hope this is helpful, Eli. The main thing is to trust your own wisdom and be assured that will serve as an example to others, simply by you living in your wisdom.”

Eli replied, “A lot of what I ‘know’ is being left behind and life is calling for me to step up. It is in this instance I reflect on your words and follow the pointing of my heart.”


8 thoughts on “I trust Wisdom “but”. . .

  1. I love this Elsie, thank you. Sometimes wisdom tells me to make a plan. More often it tells to stay open, let awareness unfold and trust what comes.

  2. Knowing yourself… it’s an ongoing process that allows for positive change that will affect your world. Our world. As I’m evolving (getting older:), my personal growth gets tweaked and reinforced every day. I’ve a lot to learn and adjust to.

  3. Thank you all for your words of wisdom. In retirement, I am open to being of service in some way. So I keep reaching out, staying engaged and am aware not to push the river, just stay awake. I found the writing of the space within helpful. It reminded me of who I really am and where I want to explore from. Years ago while traveling and my mind was quiet, I came up with a saying …soften your heart …heal the world. I created a drawing to go with it, put it on t shirts, cards, posters and now license plate holders. I want to live with a soft heart as I know that is my own healing as well as the healing of the world. I realize some may think the work “healing” may seem like I am saying something is broken but I look at it like I sometimes get a psychological/spiritual cold. When my mind is quiet, that cold heals itself. My musings for this moment…

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