In my mentoring of new students or clients, they will often start off our conversations sharing how they see their thinking is creating their stress, adding much pressure to their lives, and contributing to unhappy relationships.

It came to me during one of these conversations that if people realize the fact they see it’s their thinking creating their stress, this insight would instantly relieve their anxiety. It’s about moving past the form of thought to seeing the power of thought as a Principle. It’s about moving past personal consciousness of what they’re seeing to the neutrality of seeing the Principle of Consciousness. At that point, they would be in harmony with Consciousness, which is the awareness of our experience and most importantly, what is creating our experience—us!

This understanding would shorten the following sentence. Instead of “I see my thinking is creating my stress/pressure/messed up relationships”, consider this: I—SEE—THOUGHT: I = Mind, SEE = Consciousness, THOUGHT = Experience. The Three Principles in action. The rest of the sentence, ‘my thinking is creating my stress, etc.’ is the form of thought. It’s already a done deal.

Stick to the Principles; they are before form, where creation happens in the moment. Seeing this brings freedom from all our thinking. Seeing this releases us from judgement of what we’re thinking. It keeps us grounded in the Principles, where wisdom resides, providing ease in life.

Seeing is the key word in this topic. Seeing happens when we are living inside, in the core of our being, our true nature. The phrase, “our thinking is doing this or that” is living outside, in the form of thought. It’s being stuck in the experience rather than living in the moment of creation.

When we see this we are moved by the simplicity and by wonder. We are the creator of our experience, which means we always have the freedom of choice. We have the power of Mind; we are Mind. When we’re part of something, we can’t be divorced or separated from it, even when we’re momentarily living ‘outside’.

“What if your thoughts are continually creating an experience of lack of money, finances?” is a question someone asked. The questioner went on to say, “Other things are improving; relationships, attitudes about life, how I view my career, etc… but the money part remains stubbornly stuck in 1st gear and seemingly won’t budge. Do I need to figure out what I’m thinking and stop that thought? It doesn’t feel like thought when I look at my bank account and rent, and the bills that are due right now. It feels very real.”

What struck me about this question/comment is that the questioners’ life is improving. I love that! When we see and are grateful for ‘what is’, then the ‘what isn’t’ begins to improve as well!! So when the attention shifts to being grateful for what has changed in our life, the things that are still viewed as challenging issues begin to look different as our perspective changes. It takes a bit of faith that this is so. Faith leads to results.

I’ve had that experience in my own life. A few years back, I was fixated on getting more work, more clients, more understanding, more, more, more. It seemed what I had just wasn’t enough, and in the reality of paying bills, it’s true that I was struggling to meet the mortgage and so on.

This continued for some time, until one day the light went on and the phrase, ‘when is enough, enough?’ came to me. It occurred to me that all I was focused on was what was wrong in my life, the lack of financial comfort. There were other great things happening but I didn’t see them, as my thoughts were focused on lack, not abundance. Somehow, my human nature became so enamored with more that I’d temporarily forgotten that less is more. . . When that insight landed, my life changed.

I won’t say life changed overnight. First of all, it was the feeling that changed, the feeling of gratitude for what I did have, not bothered so much by what I didn’t have. We’d eaten rice and beans before, and were happy to do so, as we were living in the dream of being in service to the world, sharing the gift of these Principles.

The insight broadened for me, illuminating that while I was concentrating on achieving more, whether work, money, better life, I wasn’t truly being in service, to myself, or to the world.

The primary purpose of the gift of the Principles is to give the gift freely, without thought of what you’ll get back. Please don’t misunderstand. I don’t mean, don’t charge a fee for your work. I mean don’t make that the primary purpose, making money. When you give freely, Mind will provide, more than you can imagine. Give the gift, and you will receive. And I did. When the feeling I was living in changed, as if by magic, the feeling of love, of being in service, brought abundance. Once again, the feeling of essence did the work.

I’ll wrap this up by saying one more time: I—SEE—THOUGHT. Simple, direct, profound—the answer to all life’s questions.

23 thoughts on “I – SEE –THOUGHT

  1. Oh, Elsie how beautiful and so timely. I just read this post and now simply want to reflect.The reminder and deepening of my understanding is so welcome and appreciated.It is a beautiful Holiday gift!!!! Maybe my stocking is filled with goodies!!!! Love, Clytee

  2. Thank you for sharing your insights.
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and
    looking forward to meeting you again in 2016.
    Love Christian

    1. This, in its simplicity, in its truth, just this – brought tears to my eyes and I wish that the entire world could see thought, if only for an instant and in that instant experience the truth that we are. Thank you

  3. Hey Elsie thank you for this post. When I read this line: “while I was concentrating on achieving more, whether work, money, better life, I wasn’t truly being in service, to myself, or to the world,” something hit me right in between my eyes (it was a literal sensation), I felt so much pain around my eyes and started crying profusely. My eyes have been focusing on what’s lacking, what’s missing, what’s going wrong all this while. I have eyes to see but I don’t focus on seeing what’s already going well.
    Your post has touched me so deeply, thank you.

    1. Emily, your email has also touched me. To know that another soul has been awaken is a wonderful gift. Thank you for sharing your insight with me, and with other readers of this blog. Wishing you a very, very happy holiday season. With love, Elsie

  4. It does my soul good to be reminded of the difference between thinking and Thought. Everything is so much better when I remember who I am. Lovely, Elsie, thank you.

  5. Thank you Elsie, I felt like I needed something today, and apparently your “we’d eaten rice and beans before…” comment was it! Thank you x

  6. Thanks for ‘explaining ‘ this so simply, Elsie. Ive just listened to you on Nicola Birds Podcast and it was awesome too. And now realised this is where I’m stuck, I know it just have to ‘see’ it now, thanks heaps , much love Trish

    1. I’m so pleased that this blog has been helpful to you, Trish. It seems to have struck a chord with a number of people. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Kindest regards, Elsie

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