Three Steps to Deepen our Understanding: Part One

One of the most frequent requests I get from practitioners and from ordinary people is to learn how to deepen their understanding or another phrase is ‘how to deepen their grounding’. I ask them to tell me more about themselves so I can get a feel for how they see life. I’m interested in what they find most meaningful about the Principles and how this understanding has helped them in their lives.

During the course of our conversation I’m always struck by their wisdom as they remark on what they see and how they handle certain situations. Their wisdom shines forth and is clear to me. However, often times I see it is not clear to them. Their wisdom reveals itself in such a subtle, natural way that they don’t see it and so they miss one of the steps in deepening their understanding.

Step One: Acknowledge your wisdom. To do this is simple. Quieten your mind by not entertaining so much noise that is available to us through the internet, social media, and so on. Leave space for your wisdom to emerge. When we slow down, wisdom will become more obvious to us.

For example: one client, we’ll call her Carol, related how she’d been offered an amazing opportunity to do some Principles training for a large organization that specialized in serving those in crisis. She was delighted at first and accepted the offer. Then Carol’s personal thinking kicked in and she became uncertain about her ability to handle this commission. Carol began to look for ways to edge out of the job but held off. She carried on her day to day work for a couple of days, didn’t check her emails or respond to the organization. Carol told me she felt calm, enjoyed her work and conversations.

Yet when Carol shared her story with me, her focus was on her personal thinking and the judgement she felt about her reluctance in taking advantage of this great opportunity. Carol kept telling me, “What do I know about the Principles? I don’t feel I have anything to share.”

I asked Carol if she could see her wisdom in the story she told me. Carol kept repeating that she couldn’t believe how strung out she was by her personal thinking.

Does Carol sound strung out to you?

What I saw was that Carol’s wisdom kept her calm, despite her personal thinking agitating her from time to time. Her wisdom kept her from turning down the opportunity. Her wisdom kept her from turning on her computer to give her mind a break, some space for wisdom to appear.

Carol didn’t see this at all until I showcased it for her. Then her mind became still. Silence drew out for a few moments; then she got it. “Wow, I was totally focused on my thinking and didn’t see my wisdom was at work, despite what I thought. I was calm, I was enjoying my life, I made several presentations and they were good. And yet I thought I was really stressed out.”

Her insights brought a new found confidence in trusting her wisdom, in acknowledging more fully its presence in her life. She realized more deeply that wisdom underlies our personal thinking and is always available. I know that Carol will be more sensitive, more conscious of her wisdom from now on.

She gleefully told me that she was going to take the opportunity offered her.

It’s fascinating to me that wisdom is right under our noses, so to speak, yet we often can’t see it. Carol didn’t see her wisdom because she was so focused on her personal thinking. Yet there is was, doing its job of keeping her on track.

Our experience changes simply by focusing on our wisdom rather than our personal thinking. Sometimes it’s hard because our personal thinking is so compelling. Nonetheless, if we just consider this for a moment, there are always flashes of light that are available to guide us. Honor those moments and they will grow.

For us, that means that it’s not about us doing by will power—facing our fear and so on; it’s about ‘seeing’ (Consciousness). Then the doing is spontaneous, driven by insight.

To be continued.


6 thoughts on “Three Steps to Deepen our Understanding: Part One

  1. Beautiful Thank you so much for sharing this story with us Elsie. I enjoyed the time immensely that I spent with you & Chip and my dear friends on Salt Spring island in October 2016.
    Hearing this is perfect timing .. lately I have been
    So caught up in my personal thinking it’s been really tricky to hear or see anything about my wisdom. That’s so true that often it’s right under our nose but we can’t see it.
    Elsie I didn’t get chance to share this with you before but when you spoke to me on the 2nd day, my experience was it felt like God talking through you to me .. the only thing I remember you saying was ..
    ” So tell me about yourself, Amanda .. .”
    In that moment one thought bubbled up which was that I felt like such a fraud ..
    I had no
    Idea where that came from but from there on in .. a whole bunch of stuff unravelled .. it was an opportunity to look at that ..
    I guess wisdom isn’t always obvious. Sometimes she whispers to us and when our personal thinking is noisy banging a drum maybe it’s easy to miss what we need to see or hear.
    I appreciated so much about that trip &’just wanted to say thank you again to you &
    Chip for sharing so much with us.
    With love,
    Amanda x

    1. I’m glad, Catherine. We all lose sight of who we are on the inside and then when we find ‘inside’ again, it’s like ‘right, wisdom is here all along’. . .

  2. So needed. I was stuck thinking I did not know enough to chat to anybody but now see it’s my thinking (again)
    Thank you. Looking forward to more.
    Deep love x

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