Our mentoring and consulting is centered on rapport and deep listening that provides a nurturing environment conducive to insight-based learning. We focus on drawing out the participant’s own wisdom, rather than providing a solution. Often times, people already know the answer to their questions, but simply don’t know how to slow down their internal dialogue to hear the answer. We help slow people’s thinking down, by teaching them the Three Principles, so they can hear their own wisdom.

Telephone or Zoom Mentoring


In the comfort of your home or office, you select a time that is convenient to you. The opportunity to see each other “face-to-face” brings a more intimate feeling and depth to the conversation. However, if an individual prefers just the audio portion of Zoom, that also has it’s advantages. Zoom does provide a very cost effective way of learning.  Please contact us for more information.


A group may not always have the chance to get together regularly to discuss the changes they see taking place in their work environment due to changes in their thinking. And so they don’t take the time to acknowledge or even realize that those changes are occurring because of the shift in their understanding. Acknowledging the Principles deepens one’s understanding and provides sustainability.

As with our mentoring and consulting services on site, our phone or Zoom mentoring provides a nurturing, safe environment for exploration and insight-based learning. It is time and cost effective as well as offering high impact.

Cost will be determined once we have discussed your particular needs. All mentoring and consulting can be done with teams, groups, individuals or couples. If you are interested, please contact Elsie Spittle for further information.

Client Comments

“In just 3 short sessions with Elsie I was able to tap into more of my true nature and finally see that I have everything I need. This was a huge relief and it has had a significant impact on my relationships and wellbeing. During our time together I not only received a deeper understanding of the principles but I also witnessed my business grow in the most effortless way, with clients signing up for the next step with me before it was even fully formed. That was a first! I’ve no doubt that exploring more of who I am with Elsie has had a direct impact on my life and business.”
Grace Kelly, City Girl Confidence, Italy

“Elsie, I want to thank you for the very meaningful work we did together.  Before our first session, I had been both hopeful and doubtful.  What could we do in a single hour, I asked myself, that could make such a difference.  And then we had our first conversation, and I realized that it really was very special — that you led me to a deep place very quickly.  Deep and productive but not uncomfortable. One of the most meaningful moments for me was the end of our second conversation. I felt a very special connection.”
Dan Goldberg, Principal, Toronto