Building your Business from Service

Here is a humble, earnest question from a client, Deanna, whose life has been impacted by the Three Principles. She is wanting to transition from her traditional coaching methodology to Principle based coaching. This is a question frequently asked by many.

Deanna started our conversation by sharing this:

“Yesterday after seeing my accountant, I began to “worry” about my business and income. My accountant said I’ve mastered having a wonderful life but it seems making money/having capital is not my strong point, that this should change otherwise I have a hobby not a business.

“Money is an area I’m not very organized in, Elsie; in fact I tend to feel overwhelmed by the subject and the world of banks and finance is all so serious to me.

“My question is does making money and having enough money come with simply being in our true nature or am I destined to continue a life of ups and downs with this subject because I’m afraid of it?

“Surely my true nature is organized, wealthy, and available for opportunity to earn more than enough but why aren’t I in that state when it comes to cash?”

This is my response to Deanna:
“As far as exploring the issues of having money or not, I simply don’t focus on that anymore. At one point early on, I did; it didn’t serve me well. The more concerned I became, the more stress I experienced. And of course, my stressed state of mind prevented me from thinking clearly and the feeling of well-being was absent.

“That perspective shifted without me even realizing it. I simply became more interested in sharing my understanding and being in service to the world. That’s when my financial situation also began to improve without my focusing on it. It continues to improve to this day, without my doing anything other than offering to serve.

“I’m not saying I don’t plan programs or events but they’re all driven by insight and by a feeling of rightness. What drives my service is something that stirs inside me (my true nature) asking the question, “How can I be of assistance? What is drawing me now?”

“Self-examination (from a good feeling without analysis) is the motivator to create something new to offer to the world. You did that, Deanna, when you asked your students on their last call if they’d like to continue learning about the Principles rather than the traditional coaching you’d been offering before. You told me they enthusiastically said “yes”. You shared with me that you ended up creating something new for them, based on the Principles, and that you’d never thought of offering your service in this manner before. Cool! Do more of that. . . . shift your focus from the details of how to earn more; instead focus on how best to serve.

“I see that I got a bit insecure and have reflected on the fact that my whole business got going in the first place because I wanted to serve and be of service. I’m going back to that space.

“I also loved your question, Elsie: What’s drawing me now? I’ll continue to reflect on that question. I can feel something stirring deep inside and will keep you posted. It feels like a whole new world is opening to me. Thank you for your very helpful response.”

Latest update from Deanna: “I’m still on the path, Elsie, and business is developing nicely. Loving life!”

6 thoughts on “Building your Business from Service

  1. So beautiful and grounded in truth – and love. And always helpful to be reminded. Thank you both dearly for sharing this moment with us.

  2. Hi Elsie. I work with Grace and she speaks so highly of you. This article reflects where I’m also going back to. Much appreciation to you. Lori Pursell, US

    1. Hello Lorraine@lorrainepursell, thank you for your comments. I love that you’re focused on service. Income will follow. Consumers from every human endeavor are hungry for authenticity, via the feeling of service. Good for you! Elsie

  3. Elsie, thank you. I have often heard the words ‘be in service’ and wondered how to interpret them. What you have written points in a direction for me. I will explore different ways to coach, to share, to connect and be with people. Thank you. Rex

    1. Rex, I’m so pleased that my blog on ‘service’ was helpful to you. It’s great to know that what you ‘heard’ will be shared with your clients and whoever you are in contact with. A gift of understanding for all. Kindest regards, Elsie

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