Be Open to Opportunity

When we evolve in our spiritual understanding, we gain more knowledge about the psychological workings of our everyday life. For example, one may feel the desire to share what they’ve learned about the Three Principles but are uncertain how to begin. The biggest thing is to be open to opportunity when it presents itself.

I remember being offered an opportunity to develop a program for Juvenile Justice and initially turning them down. I suggested they approach another individual who was trained in that field. I didn’t have any background in Juvenile Justice and felt out of my depth in putting together a program for a group I’d never worked with. My insecurity was on high alert!

Something niggled at me during the phone conversation I had with the Deputy Chief of the division so I continued to listen, even though everything inside me was saying “no, I don’t do this kind of work.” Perhaps it was when she said that the person I’d recommended she approach who was familiar with juvenile corrections had in fact referred her to me. I began to listen rather than block what she was offering.

As I listened, I heard the enthusiasm in her voice about what the new Principles paradigm offered. She and a group from the county had visited another state where there was an ongoing, very successful Principle based program in place. She was struck by the results that were occurring, with reduced recidivism from the youth, and more open conversation about innate mental health that was the primary focus between the probation officers, counselors, and incarcerated adolescents.

I became captivated by her enthusiasm and my insecurity lessened. I found myself offering to speak with a cross section of department heads from the Juvenile Justice division to get a feeling for what they were looking for.

That call with the group eliminated the rest of my insecurity and long story short, I gratefully agreed to develop a three day training as an introduction to the Principles to see if there was enough interest in the staff to move forward and progress to a yearlong training of trainers program.

It was an amazing project that I’ll never forget. I learned so much from the whole group and especially from the youngsters who were in detention. To see them cautiously open up to being viewed as innately mentally healthy by officers and counselors was very stirring to me and to the Deputy Chief and County Commissioners. Many of these children were in and out of detention many times and had a very fixed viewpoint that they were considered ‘bad’ and needed to be ‘fixed’.

To be taught that they had innate mental health as their default setting, something they could always count on, especially on the ‘outside’ when temptation was strongest, was a solid foundation they took with them when they were released. Not only did their new found understanding show them that they were innately wise and mentally healthy, their growing confidence and peace of mind was an undeniable result that moved their parents, siblings, and friends, for the most part, to a new vantage point of feeling hopeful; for many of them, for the first time in their lives. Thus the reduction and sustainability in recidivism afforded all a new opportunity for the future.

This also demonstrated to me that the outer disguise of any social or business endeavor isn’t the key element in whether one can share their understanding of the Principles. The key element is that underneath the disguise, we’re all the same spiritual essence, with Universal Consciousness as our bedrock. This is what we speak to, not to the outer workings. When our consciousness is stirred and awoken, the outer workings naturally change to healthy, productive living.

Such is the gift of these precious Three Principles that Sydney Banks uncovered.

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