A New Chapter Unfolds

As I was standing in the wings of the stage, during my introduction by the wonderful Rabi Shaul Rosenblatt, I was in an unusual mood. I was waiting to say “goodbye” at my last 3P UK London conference, June 2019.
On one hand, I was feeling joyful at the thought of a beautiful wrap-up to the audience in front of me. Many beautiful souls, a thousand faces, some familiar, and far more new faces, all glowing with well-being. On the other hand, I was also feeling somewhat pensive. I knew this was the end of a chapter in my life and I had no idea what the future held.
Overall, a feeling of peace and certainty was upon me; this was the time to move forward into the unknown.
After that I travelled to Norway for my last retreat in Tønsberg. I loved my time there, enjoyed meeting all the people at the retreat.
The evening before I left, I was invited to share a family and friends’ dinner, hosted by my dear friends, Tore and Kari Skåtun.
The next morning, I headed for Salt Spring Island, with a feeling of deep gratitude for the wonderous stories I’d heard from the people I met, both in London and Tønsberg. Stories of transformation within themselves, their families and friends. I was filled to the brim with love.
A new chapter began for me after that. I wondered how I could continue to serve without traveling so much, doing public speaking events. I did have an online mentoring program in place and that was a beautiful gift, to see that I could assist and learn with the group.
“What’s next?” my webmaster asked me after that program was finished. I had no answer; I really didn’t know. “I’m waiting until I know,” I said. “I may do another online program or I may not.”
I was comfortable with not knowing. There was a moment when I had a flash of a new online offering. Once again, I felt mentored by Mind. The format and topics came to me in the blink of an eye. I even was inspired to write the invitation. Then I let it simmer on the back burner because I still didn’t know.
This was so interesting to me; to have the insight of a new offering, with all the text that flowed through me. Yet I wasn’t ready to announce it. So I waited in peace and contentment. I was loving my free time at home with Ken. I was feeling semi-retired. Life was and is so good.
During this time, I began to gently turn down many requests to do webinars and podcasts for people. All valuable offerings; yet I wasn’t as drawn to do them as I usually was. I didn’t have a feeling to do them. I felt like I was “waiting in the wings.” So I waited. . . .till wisdom spoke.
Then, to my delight, I fell in love with writing again, without conscious thought that I “should” write. I hadn’t written a blog since January 2019 and now in May 2020, I began to experience a natural release of more knowledge that I was moved to share through my blogs.
Previously, rather than longer blogs, my writing had been coming through in shorthand, via insights that bloomed. So I rode the shorthand wave. I found new learning via shorthand insights, and I learned to share in shorthand.
I began to trust the silence that occurred when I was mentoring someone or a group. I trusted the silence to teach rather then my words. I trusted the silence to touch the soul of whomever I’m speaking with, and trust that they will learn through their own wisdom. This to me is learning and sharing in shorthand.
The next jump into a new way of sharing came through the development of my new book, Nuggets of Wisdom ll. I had the raw material and now I had the time to move forward, although I wasn’t sure how to do this.
So once again, I waited until insight guided me. And that’s all I’m going to say for the moment as I do share how this book came to be born, in Nuggets of Wisdom ll. The book is almost finished, ready for publication.
While I’ve been working on the book, more blogs started to pour out of me; again, without conscious thought. It’s like a tap has been turned on. I’d be inspired by a conversation with someone, or a new insight would emerge, and then a blog would sprout and come to life.
Now I’m riding the wave of blogs. It feels as if all the talks I did on webinars, podcasts, online retreats, are being funnelled through my writing now. I’m loving it.
I’m thrilled with how the unknown becomes known, when we simply live in trust; trust that we are always guided by Mind.

2 thoughts on “A New Chapter Unfolds

  1. Elsie this is lovely to read. I so look forward to your new book and the blogs. I expect many of us in these unusual times have found the simple joy of ordinary life. And I have been surprised by the requests from out of the blue that have come unbidden… for a book chapter, a surprising path to creating webinars designed to preserve a dear colleagues’ legacy, requests for international translation and more. Certainly Mind is fully at work connecting the dots, guiding us inward to share unimaginable things. What beauty!

    1. Yes, dear Kathy, Mind is in our corner always. Love how much comfort and peace that knowing brings, plus, as you mention, a multitude of opportunities out of the blue. Life is such a blessing, in all it’s disguises.

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