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New reader comment:  Hello from Melbourne, Australia. Just a quick email to thank you for writing Nuggets of Wisdom – it is by far the best book I have read regarding & explaining the Three Principles.  I purchased the book as a Kindle and my practice is to highlight passages that speak to me that I want to remember – however this book is so wonderful that each time I reread it – I find something new! To the point where most of it is highlighted. Thanks again for sharing your understanding.  Bruce

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Wonderful News! Syd’s books, The Missing Link and the Enlightened Gardener are now available on ITunes.  Here’s the link:

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There has been a groundswell of interest in sharing this work so Elsie Spittle and George Pransky decided to write a paper that represents a collection of firsthand learnings from their original teacher, Sydney Banks. They collaborated with many of their colleagues who have been learning alongside them in hopes that their collective knowledge might help the people who are interested in using this understanding to better the world.

 “Hope over Fear” A preview of the ease and gentleness of speakers gathering from all around the world to share their understanding of how life really works. They discussed the potential for humanity of an understanding known as the The Three Principles with guests at the Scottish Parliament on May 26th 2015 whilst honouring the legacy and message of Mr Syd Banks who was born in Edinburgh.


NoW Cover Elsie’s new book, Nuggets of Wisdom, is now available in paperback and kindle version on Amazon.

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– The author once described Sydney Banks as a global treasure. Such words could just as easily be applied to her. There is a truth in Elsie’s words that resonates with something deeper than the intellect, a place of tranquil feeling from which insights flow. Each of the little “nuggets” herein provides the reader the opportunity to access that place. Truly, Elsie and her book are treasures.