Elsie’s Upcoming Events for 2017


May 13th – 14th in Devon, UK.

Come Home to Your Natural Wisdom

People are drawn to the feeling of contentment and peace of mind, especially in the challenging world we live in currently. Some wonder if this state of mind is even possible. And if it is, is it productive? These two days are an opportunity to access and honour the gift of wisdom, residing within each and every soul.

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May 21st – 23rd at Allianz Park, Hendon, NW4, London.

Speaker at the 3PUK conference


May 27th – 28th in Tønsberg, Norway.

Releasing the Natural Wisdom Within You

Whether you’re new to the Three Principles paradigm or familiar with the understanding this living Truth offers, there is always more to learn. With gentleness and simplicity, we can learn how to live in freedom and peace of mind, despite the hectic and often chaotic world surrounding us.

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